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MiGaGa - Manufacturer , Distributor & Worldwide Partner of Watches & Clocks established in the year 2000 . Production Facility located at Shenzhen and Dongguan, Main land China. Total covered area over 20,000Sq. Ft centrally air-conditioned , 250 skilled workers . Current production - 3 Million units of Analog and digital timepieces / Annum. ( wrist-watches, Pocket watches, watch gift sets, fashion watches and a variety of clocks , including premium and novelty models, imitation jewelry watches, stainless steel, brass, alloy, rubber, and plastic (PIC) watches). Equipped with Swiss and Japanese sophisticated assembling tools & machineries.

During these 10 bumpy years, we witnessed that the watch-making technology has reflected significant changes which has provided tremendous challenges and opportunities. MiGaGa are proud to say that we are trying hard to meet all the expectations of customers and to say true to our mission statement which is to produce dynamic products with superior quality in a popular price range. Customer Satisfaction is our priority. The only true and reliable measure of product quality is customer feedback. The customer actually does a favor by complaining. In fact, they are providing us an opportunity to refine and fine-tune products.

MiGaGa is also proud of our industry-leading IT support to their distributors. The watch industry, like every industry around the world, has been strongly impacted by the influence of Information Technology. Today, players in the global economy are connecting over the Internet in new and exciting ways- whether business - to - consumer, business - to - business, or even, business-to-employee. In the future, no business can survive or succeed without the involvement of IT and, in particular the Internet.

Therefor, we give priority to IT in all aspects of our business - from research & Development to Manufacturing and Distribution, from providing Distributor & Dealer support to Warranty & Service-related support for the consumer. When customers work with us, not only are they working with a company with traditional horological history and experience, but also they are working with a company that is investing heavily in and deploying the latest, cutting edge technology.

Room1401,Block A,Jiansheng Building,Pingji Blvd,Buji Town,Longgang District,Shenzhen,518112 China
Tel: 86 755 33170551, Fax: 86 755 33868951,33280247 Emails: thomasshah@hotmail.com info@migagawatch.com